Ahadi Collective: Scarves

What does your sense of fashion say about you?

These trendy scarves look great, keep you warm, and proclaim:

  • your concern for the environment and sustainable manufacturing practices 
  • your support of small businesses and entrepreneurship 
  • your partnership with refugees seeking to build a new life here in the US. 

    You will be amazed by the unique handmade designs of the Ahadi Collective, a textile collective run by a community of African refugees in Missional Wisdom Foundation's co-working space, The Mix. Ahadi means 'promise' and is a name chosen by the community as a reminder of the promise this business holds for them. Ahadi seeks to use re-purposed or fair trade fabrics for all of their goods in order to be gentle with our planet.

    Have a ton of extra t-shirts lying around? Contact the Ahadi Collective at  lbarenga@missionalwisdom.com and they will take all your t-shirts and turn them into scarves and/or bags.

    *Please note that this item is made from re-purposed t-shirts. The article that you receive will probably differ in appearance from those you see pictured. However, you can rest assured that your item will be pleasing to the eye and made with quality workmanship. 

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