The Julian Way Goes to California: Day 3 June 17 2015

This summer, as The Julian Way goes on a pilgrimage to live, learn and discover in our continued journey to create intentional community for people of all embodiments, we invite you to come along for the ride!

Today has been another long day of travel that took us through mountains, the Mojave Desert, and ended with a breathtaking drive over the Oakland Bay Bridge (we do not have pictures of this yet, as that would have been quite unsafe!). During morning prayer today, we read Psalm 146, in which the psalmist praises God for all of God's wondrous deeds, but most of all God's faithfulness. As we went through the desert today, we each in our own way reflected on what it means to travel through an unforgiving land of heat and dust, both literally and figuratively. We hear often of the Israelites wandering through the desert for 40 years and imagine how difficult that might be, but it became a little more real for all of us as we, too, traveled across a desert in search of a vastly different land than the one we left behind at the Howard Johnson's this morning. But through it all, be it mountains, valleys, deserts, or streams of water, God is faithful and we can lean on God's faithfulness, even when the terrain of our lives seems strange and foreign as the desert began to feel after our wondrous visit to the Grand Canyon yesterday. 

And then, we came upon an oasis...

In addition to our happiness at finding mostly clean restrooms and Blizzards in the middle of nowhere, we were quite fascinated by our fellow travelers who found their way to this piece of home in a very strange place. They were old and young, road weary and energetic, talkative and taciturn. And some how, for just a few minutes, we all ended up at this watering hole together. This really made us reflect on what it might mean for The Julian Way to be a piece of home in the middle of a desert. But what is the desert? What might this home look like? How do we move beyond observation and into relationship with our neighbors and fellow travelers? We would love to hear your thoughts on Facebook or at These are questions we will be holding close to our hearts as begin our journey in the Bay Area tomorrow morning. Because now that we are here, the work begins--an arrival is not an end but the beginning of a new journey. Stay tuned for where that journey takes us tomorrow!