Spotlight: The Ahadi Collective

We are a textile collective run by a community of African refugees that emerged from a missional house church. We work in partnership with the Missional Wisdom Foundation in The Mix Coworking & Maker Space in Dallas. Our community of craftspeople is committed to producing quality textile goods, specializing in clergy stoles and church paraments. We try to use re-purposed or fair trade fabric for all our goods in keeping with our desire to be gentle with our planet. This business opportunity holds out promise to our community in ways we had only dreamed.

When many of us came to the United States as refugees from war, genocide and turmoil, we were placed in apartment complexes and given aid to get started on a new life. Often, some of us did not know the language and had no experience with American work culture.

We had questions like:

How does one navigate public transportation?

How do we shop in an American grocery store?

How can my family become part of the American culture?

As you might imagine, financial assistance often runs out long before our families are able to master all the skills necessary to survive and thrive in our new culture. Yet we were eager to work, and eager to thrive, and eager to make a good home for our children. We had basic skill sets from back home. We just needed something to empower us. Ahadi provides the space to empower us.